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Eco Council

This year's Eco Council have decided that they want to be called Eco Superheroes! They went to Mrs Williams and said why they would be good Eco Coucillors and after looking at all the applications, Mrs Williams decided on her Eco Counil - or Eco Superheroes this year.

As an Eco Council we will be listening to your ideas about how to care for our school and our planet, will be making an action plan and we will be helping you to follow our Eco Code.

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September 2015

September 2015 (239KB)

In This Section...

Meet our Eco Superheroes 2015-2016

Our Eco Superheores are in Year 1 this year.

Meet our Eco-Council

This is our Eco- Counicl! We wrote letters to Mrs Williams saying why we would be great Eco-Councillors and we were so excited when she picked ...

What have we been doing? (making links to our Curriculum)

We are all working together in our school to ensure our school is an Eco School. We all follow the Eco Code and we plan exciting activities to help ...

Carbon Trust Competition

As part of the Carbon Trust Pilot Scheme we were asked to provide a statement slogan on the value of energy saving to our school.... and this is...

Would you like to be an Eco-Councillor next year?

The Eco-Councillors are coming to the end of their time at Y Foryd and are looking for children to continue with their fantatsic work! They are lookin...

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pptx.gif: Assembly to share Action Plan September 2015

Assembly to share Action Plan September 2015

The Eco Superheroes gave a presentation to tell the school about this year's action plan
File size: 1MB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pub.gif: Eco Code 2015-2016

Eco Code 2015-2016

The Eco Superheroes want you to follow the Eco Code - they will be checking!
File size: 258KB (Publisher File)

pub.gif: Action Plan 2015-2016

Action Plan 2015-2016

Here it is! This year's Action Plan. This is what we will be doing this year to keep our school an Eco School. What can you do to help?
File size: 140KB (Publisher File)

docx.gif: What did our Environmental review show us? 2015-2016

What did our Environmental review show us? 2015-2016

Our Eco Superheroes completed the Environmental review of our school.
File size: 18KB (Word 2007 File)

pub.gif: Eco Code 2014-2015

Eco Code 2014-2015

This is our school's Eco Code - by following our Eco Code we will become a green school
File size: 108KB (Publisher File)

pub.gif: Action Plan 2014-2015

Action Plan 2014-2015

After completing our Environmental review of the school the Eco Council have decided on what we need to focus on this year.
File size: 138KB (Publisher File)

doc.gif: Summary of the Environemtal review 2014-2015

Summary of the Environemtal review 2014-2015

Here's what we found in the review!
File size: 28KB (Word File)

doc.gif: What our Environmental Review showed

What our Environmental Review showed

After setting up the Eco Council for this year, we looked at the Environmental Review to see what we were doing in school and what we needed to work on.
File size: 30KB (Word File)

pub.gif: Action plan 2012-2013

Action plan 2012-2013

In our first Eco-Counicl meeting we did an Environmental review of our school to see what we needed to improve. From our findings and with Mrs Williams' help we created our Action Plan.
File size: 152KB (Publisher File)

pub.gif: Our Eco-Code 2012-2013

Our Eco-Code 2012-2013

After creating our Eco Action Plan we decided on our Eco Code. It has been displayed in our school hall for everyone to see and follow.
File size: 85KB (Publisher File)

pub.gif: Eco challenge

Eco challenge

The Eco Council decide on an Eco challenge and will be rewarding classes with green footprints.
File size: 108KB (Publisher File)

doc.gif: Carbon Trust Energy Competition entry

Carbon Trust Energy Competition entry

We were happy to be chosen to take part in the Carbon Trust Pilot Scheme this year. We worked hard and we have made a big difference to our Energy bills. Da iawn Y Foryd!!
File size: 13MB (Word File)

ppt.gif: Eco Council report back

Eco Council report back

The Eco council have looked at our targets at the beginning of the year and have thought about all the things that we have been doing to reach those targets. They created a Powerpoint and delivered it to the children during an assembly.
File size: 842KB (PowerPoint File)

doc.gif: Applying for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Applying for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

We have been working hard this year, and we have applied for the Eco Schools Green Flag award. Fingers (and toes) crossed that we have done enough!! Look out for news hopefully next term!
File size: 313KB (Word File)

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